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Specific examples with quotes for wholesale clothes business - Private T-shirt label tips. Custom made Tees and more...

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Our selection of the funniest t-shirts.
Think about money makers which can be redesigned and sold under your own brand too.
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Thanks to the information age, we can share business skills and experience gathered in the textile industry in one neat HTML5 site.
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Ellen Clothing Manufacturers Tips - T-shirt Business Advice

What's new here?
We're proud to launch Ellen Clothing Manufacturer v2.0. We've got new articles for you to start and grow in the clothing business.
This site is mobile ready. So, you can browse it from your iPad or your iPhone.
If you like it, use the Twitter and Google+ widgets to let the world know.
Feel free to ask questions and make comments with the Facebook comment box below.

What else?
Need sizing information right away? Check out standard sizing files. What else? We eliminated the previous sponsor's blog. But we can still provide expertise. We even provide new articles on the Vietnam clothing industry.

Special thanks:
Thanks to Denis, Bruce and Bilal for all their hard work on this project. And thank you for your visit here, we hope you'll be learning the ropes of the clothing business with us.

3 Reasons to come back:
As you know, we provide a useful library of articles on starting a clothing line or running your own private label.
But that's not all. Here are three reasons to come again:
- We regularly provide you with new articles on a monthly basis.
- We are readily available online to provide customized help to your business.
- We'll offer you a clothing coupons newsletter soon.


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HBO's tv show How to Make it in America relates the story of young american entrepreneurs doing their best to make Crisp, their clothing brand, come to life. More Videos
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