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Baby / Children clothes Manufacturer.

Great baby clothes and children clothes.

Get your children clothing line or baby fashion line manufactured in Asia.

Just a few examples of possibilities we offer in terms of baby clothes / made to order children clothes:
- baby / children t-shirts.
- baby / children jeans.
- baby / children sweaters.
- baby / children shirts.
- baby / children trousers.
- baby / children shorts.
- baby / children jackets.
- baby / children hoodies.
- baby / children caps.

Get your baby clothing line or your children clothing line straight from ECM Factory in Vietnam.

Made-to-order clothes for children / baby straight from our factory in Asia. We ship to : USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and more.

Contact us. You can get the design patterns modified. Get your own dimensions cut in the fabric of your choice. Call Kim to find out more.

Example of dimensions for children t-shirts here: Children Tees Sizing

We aim to provide you with personalized advice to work out the right timing and keep the prices of your made to order clothes Low.
Email us or call us to get a " quotation request form " and obtain a personalized quote.

Ellen Clothing Manufacturer takes care of manufacturing your baby clothes or children clothes and shipping them out to you.

At arrival at the customs of your country, our partners take care of the customs clearance using all the documents that we prepare for you (Certificate of Origin, packing list etc..).

We deliver your clothes to your door - in individual plastic bags - ready for selling so that you can focus on your customers and the promotion of your brand.

We can provide you with personalized packaging - contact us for more information.

What information to provide ?

All information possible! : Quantities and dimensions (we use the metric system ? please send us information in centimeter), logos, size and colors of logos, all specs, color of thread ..etc..

How to provide this information?

If you use a design software, please send us your files.
If not, draw your clothes on paper and send us a scanned file by email.
Use .JPG files to send us your logo(s), send us all the details available on WORD documents and feel free to mail* us with samples of fabric.

Please send all fabric samples directly to our Vietnam factory - address at the bottom of this page.

Sizing: Mixed up with Dimensions / clothes sizes?

When ordering children clothes you Must provide your manufacturer with the dimensions.
You can do this in two different ways:
- Send us samples of clothes to show us the dimensions per size in your clothing line.
- Send us electronic files showing the dimensions for the midlle size and we will work out the other sizes for you.

Cost of a sample of clothes made following your instructions-dimensions, cut, colour etc : between 200 and 300 USD all included.

Calculate the cost of making your own children fashion line at

This online tool is designed to help you work out the cost of a clothing line in up to four colors.

Work out the cost of starting your own clothing brand.
Tools on this website:
Jeans Wholesale price calculator
T-shirt Wholesale price calculator
Caps Wholesale price calculator

Children Tees Sizing

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