Ellen – Clothing Manufacturer – general information

We take care of manufacturing your garments and shipping them out to you.

At arrival at the customs of your country, our partners take care of the custom clearance using all the documents that we prepare for you (Certificate of Origin, packing list etc..).

We deliver your garments to your door – in individual plastic bags – ready for selling so that you can focus on your customers and the promotion of your brand.

Lilian Lemaire
Cofounder of Ellen Group

Our Structure:

We are an international company with a 600m2 factory in Saigon, Vietnam.

Our Head Office is in France, 30 minutes from Paris.

Our Goal:

To provide our clients with High Quality service and Low Prices.

Our Ethic:
We aim to provide satisfying quality products to our clients and satisfying salaries and working conditions to our employees.

We respect human rights and the environment.

Our History:
We first launched a brand of fashion accessories in 2005, at first we used Chines and Vietnamese suppliers but their lack of communication and care for detail, as well as the timing were not satisfying.

This is why we opened our first Textile Manufacturing unit in Asia in 2006.

Our clients, right from the beginning, have asked us to take care of the shipping and the customs clearance of their goods which we do now on a regular basis.

Our Strengths:
Clearly, our competitive prices on large quantity orders and our ability to produce at a good price even small series.

Our knowledge of the local actors has helped us to satisfy our clients.

Thanks to the experience aquired in import exporta and in customs clearance, we are recognized as the Textile Company who delivers to your Door right from our Factory in Asia -with no middleman.

This allows our clients to focus on the distribution of their garments and the promotion of their brand.

Feel free to contact us with any question
email: sales@Ellen-Clothing-Manufacturer.com

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21, Boulevard R Benoit. 78680 Epone – FRANCE
French Chamber of Commerce registration number :RCS 481.444.131.00025