In need of new scenery

“Where do you want to go?” Ticket-man asked.

“Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.” Cool-guy said.

Ticket-man bent his head down and started clicking away on his keyboard.

“I can’t believe you woke up today itching for new scenery.” I said.

“Hey. I heard they have great surfing off the coast of Africa. Why wait? Vacations don’t last forever.”

I leaned in and kissed him.

“Thanks.” He smiled. “What was that for?”

“For having to wait so long to surf. That was your waiting fee.”

“Oh. Well. If you’re paying, then pay.” He leaned in for a big kiss.

“Um. Later?” I mumbled.

He laughed.

I looked back at Ticket-man. He was smiling up at us.

“Oh. Sorry.” I said. “Didn’t know you were ready.”

“No problem. When do you want to go to the island?”

“When do you wanna go to the island?” I asked Cool-guy, playfully.

He shrugged. “Today. Now. Next flight.”

“Really?” Ticket-man asked.

“No. Let’s go tomorrow. I want to show him Seville tonight.”

Ticket-man nodded back to his monitor.

“You know.” I said to Cool-guy. “I like hanging out with you on the beach.”

“Oh yeah? Why’s that?”

“I like being next to you when you have very little clothing on.”

“You’re very sweet.” He said, kissing me.

“There’s nothing sweet about it.” I kissed him back.

I looked over at Ticket-man. He was smiling up at us. In the states he would have cleared his throat, pounded on the counter or in the very least dismissed us for the next in line. Um. Not here.


“No problem.” He shrugged. “How many people will be traveling?”

“Two.” We said, together.

Cool-guy laughed. “Not ready to leave me yet?”

“Nope.” I said, kissing him. “Not yet. This’s way too much fun. I had no idea you were such an easy traveler.”

He kissed me. “This’s an amazing adventure, isn’t it?”

“It is.” I looked up. Ticket-man could get the award for being the most patient airport ticket agent on earth. He didn’t care that a line was forming behind us. He seemed to think our kissing was as important as him booking the reservations. Maybe he should give patience classes to airline personal in the states.

“When do you want to return?”

Cool-guy stepped forward. “We’re going to stay six days, then fly back to Madrid. Can you do that?”

“Of course. No problem. I only need a moment.”

“Man.” I said. “Boy. Another beach week with you? What could be better?”

“Another week with you AND some more of that coconut sorbet from Huelva.”

I laughed. “A man who knows what he wants…”

“Just kidding.” He said, kissing me. “I’m not that demanding. That coconut sorbet would be enough for any man.”

I laughed.

“Know what else I want?” He asked.


“A window seat on the plane.”

“I bet they can do that.”

Um. Ticket-man was waiting. And a long line had formed behind us. The people behind us didn’t try to prod us or push us to do our business faster. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I might have thought that they were just hanging out at the airport because they felt like watching our story unfold. Europeans really are more relaxed, aren’t they?

“How would you like to pay?”

I turned to Cool-guy. “I know how much you love to pay for my airfare.”

He laughed and released his credit card.

Ticket-man pushed the receipt through the window to be signed. Cool-guy looked it over. “This must be some kind of strange money. It isn’t Euros or dollars.”

I looked. Yeah. I didn’t get it either.

“How much is this in dollars?”

Ticket-man nodded and started pushing numbers on his calculator. He pushed the paper through the window.

Cool-guy’s mouth hung open. “WHAT?”

I started laughing. “What’s wrong?”

“No. No way.” Cool-guy said. “This’s four hundred dollars more than the phone quote. I talked to Celelia. See? I have her phone number and information all here.”

Ticket-man smiled. “She must have been wrong.”

“Wrong? She must have been wrong? We get all the way to the Seville airport? She must have been wrong?”

“I can save you money if you wait one week.”

“No.” Cool-guy said, signing slowly. “No. We’ll go in the morning.”

“Well.” Ticket-man said. “I did get you a window seat. In fact, right now you have the whole row.”

Cool-guy turned to me. He gave me a quick kiss. “The surfing on Fuenteventura better be really, really good.”

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