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How to get wholesale orders online?

How to get people to buy from your wholesale clothing online store?

In the world of buying and selling clothing wholesale, there seem to be two opposite species of buyers:

The ones who do order clothes online and in the opposite camp the ones who will never buy any clothes online.

Understanding what makes people click and how to handle visitors to your online wholesale clothing store makes a big difference in your business turn over.

We have listed below the benefits of ordering wholesale clothes online.
It is important to highlight these benefits to your wholesale clothing buyers in order to ensure that your online clothing store performs well.

The ability to compare deals and think them over.
Tell your customers how the deals you offer compare to other businesses. Show them the numbers and get them to check them out by themselves if necessary.

Time saved which can be used to focus on sales.
You are not only competing with other online clothing stores. You also need to remind your customers that buying online has the advantage of giving them more time of promoting and selling their products.

Savings on transportation costs.
If your customers were to go by car from one place to another to check what wholesale deals are on offer they would probably end up with higher purchase costs than when ordering online. Make sure to highlight this hard fact on your blog, in any sort of company communications or in a press release.

Annoying sales people are out of the way.
Your customers love to buy wholesale online because they don't have to cope with a pushy sales person.

Customer service.
Is it visible on your website(s) that you have made it easy to contact the customer service?

Return policy.
Highlight your return policy, wholesale buyers who can't loose will love to do business with you.

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