Samples and Fashion: You launch your own clothing line.

Article dated 23rd March 2007
Author: Lilian Lemaire
Ellen Clothing Manufacturer – Management

Thanks for visiting our website, please find below a rough translation of an article I originally wrote last year for my French compatriotes :

You have just registered your brand name and it is protected. (If you haven’t yet, start now! – this paperwork can take some time..)
Now, you want to focus on the designs, get some samples, review them, and step by step build a proper fashion line.

That’s when we get in touch and exchange various information about cut, fabric, logos, labels, prices and minimum quantity.

Please do not email us with a list of questions.

At this stage, the FIRST thing to do is to CALL us through SKYPE.

SKYPE Free International Calls is easy to use,
download it FREE from and give us a call.

After a quick phone conversation, you will learn more than in 10 days of emails.
Later on, you might refine the quantities, the number of designs, you might send us some drawings on paper or on a software design (We keep your designs Private).

The best way to validate the colors, sizes, patterns, position of logos, style of labels/tags is the same in the manufacturing industry than it is in other businesses: We make samples.

Whether you ask for tshirt samples, jeans samples, shirts samples, trousers samples, caps samples or even textile label samples, printing samples, embroidery samples, You will always find that samples allow you to make sure that the idea at its source makes complete sense.

Samples are expensive, it may be penny wise to save on this budget but Pound foolish because Samples can be quite eye-opening, especially for elaborated designs – trust me on that one.

For time and price information about samples, call us first. Same goes for the production of clothes in large quantity.
Let us know what sort of clients you are targeting in terms of price and quality range so that we can help you find the best alternative.

When receiving your samples, and even before ordering them, feel free to ask us questions as to the impact on the price or the timing for any change to your original idea.

We always do our best to give you objective advice.

Our goal is to help you decide what is right for you and your clients.


Best regards,

Ellen Clothing Manufacturer

– Lilian Lemaire

Director of Ellen Clothing Manufacturer.