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Thanks to the information age, we can share business skills and experience gathered in the textile industry in one neat HTML5 site.
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Congratulations with starting your clothing line. There's a lot to get done to have your private label up and running. Below is an article originally written in 2007 for a French fashion clothing company getting started in the wholesale fashion business.

Let's assume that for now, all you have done is getting your brand name registered...
If you haven't registered your brand name and logo yet, then get to work. This paperwork can take some time.
Done? Ok, now you want to focus on the designs and get some custom made clothes samples. You then need to review each sample in coordiantion with your factory clients service.

Your clothing manufacturer needs to be a real partner, easy to get in touch with, to exchange various information about cut, fabric, color, logos, labels, prices and minimum quantity.

Your factory needs to help you with your launching your own brand, sometimes starting from nothing but your private label designs.

When talking with your consultant, you will also work on the parameters of your order and work out a lower price for your clothes or a lower minimum quantity for your first run.

Later on, you might refine the total quantity, the number of designs or the number of colors involved. Simply start by sendiing your factory some drawings on paper or on a software design.

The best way to validate the colors, sizes, patterns, position of logos, style of woven labels and hanging cards is the same in the manufacturing industry than it is in other businesses: Get some samples made. You might even get them made in multiples factories.

Whether you need a T-shirt sample, jeans samples, shirts samples, trousers samples, caps samples or even a woven label sample, sample of printing, embroidery samples, you will always find that samples allow you to make sure that your ideas make complete sense.

Samples are expensive, it may be penny wise to save on this budget but Pound foolish. That's because samples can be quite eye-opening, especially for elaborated designs.

For time and price information about samples, call your factory first. Same goes for the production of clothes in large quantity. Let your factory know about your targeted market. Telling what sort of clients you are targeting in terms of price and quality range will help your factory to advise you on the best alternative.

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