What choice of garments fabrics do we offer ?

As a manufacturer of garments, Ellen – Garments Manufacturer is dependant from fabric producers.

We use both local suppliers and foreign producers to supply us with quality garments fabrics.

For large quantity orders of garments, we will order the fabric especially for you and tint it in the desired color. The choice is therefore very large.

For small quantity orders of garments, we will supply ourselves within the choice available in the stocks of our suppliers at the time of your order. The choice available is therefore smaller.

Preferred choices of fabrics of garments fabrics

(List established from 2007 orders from clients)

For T-shirts:

  • cotton Jersey 220g/m2 (great quality cotton!!)
  • cotton elastane 220g/m2

more information on T-shirts

Prices for T-shirts

For Caps:

  • classic 100% washed cotton

more information on Caps

Prices for Caps

For Sweaters and Hoodies :

  • cotton 300 g/m2 (standard) or 500g/m2 (great quality)

more information on Sweaters, Street-Wear and Sport-Wear

Prices for Sweaters, Street-Wear and Sport-Wear

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