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Starting a t-shirt line: How to get started in the fashion business?

What if you could get started in the fashion business for under a thousand dollars?

What do you really need in order to get started? A couple of clients, that's all you need.

What does a potential client need from you to validate his order? Think about it. That's a million dollars question.
Each of your potential client needs to see what's in it for him. He needs you to come up with trendy fashion designs.

That's a sine qua non condition to make sure that your tee-shirts, jeans, bags or fashion accessories actually grab the attention of a large public.

Your clients also need to clear a good margin off the products. Therefore you need to be able to come up with great wholesale price conditions for your clothing brand.

Seasoned wholesale buyers will look for guarantees, so the popularity of the design and its wholesale price are only elements of the package.
Surrounding these elements are equally important factors such as time of delivery, minimum quantity per order.
Number of colors and ability to order only the missing sizes or the missing colors when renewing orders also matter to serious garment buyers.

To get the first wholesale fashion order from your targeted market, you will have to combine all of the above in an attracting package and help your client visualize your product.
The best way to show your fashion line before it actually is in stock is to provide clothing samples or at least virtual samples that show how cool your designs are.

Start with Tee-shirts. A t-shirt is a great way to convey a message, a style and to put your brand across to your audience.
Since the easiest way to get started in the fashion business is to trade t-shirts wholesale, why not start by showing around your best t-shirt designs and get some feed back?

This will help you determine what designs have the best chance of making a killing and which ones are doomed for failure.

Since tee-shirts prototypes can be costly, you might want to have your first run materialized in JPG files.
Read our review of Tee-shirt design softwares here: Start your tee-shirt brand with a t-shirt design software.

Once you have collected sufficient information, criticism or praise about your t-shirt designs, you can move on to getting them made wholesale.
Call a competitive wholesale private label t-shirt manufacturer to get your order quoted.
Get free samples of your t-shirt line with Ellen Clothing Manufacturer. How to get free samples of your made to order clothes?

With the samples, go around your clients base again and close the deal with an offer they can't refuse. You are now in the wholesale fashion business.

How is all of this going to cost less than three hundred dollars? Here is a breakdown:
- T-shirt design software: Free.
- Going around to meet potential clients: One hundred dollars using public transportation.
- Getting samples made: Free when you order in bulk.
- You first wholesale order of tee-shirts: About one thousand dollars with ECM depending on the number of colors required.

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